A Dave & Buster’s arcade and restaurant remains the most popular idea for the redevelopment for Sarasota Main Plaza, while other survey respondents pitched even more grandiose plans.

While the three entrepreneurs behind the recent $18.1 million purchase of the Hollywood 20 complex on Main Street begin searching for an architectural team to oversee redevelopment of the property, some creative Sarasota residents have ideas of their own.

The Sarasota Observer received dozens of responses to a survey asking what residents want to see developed at the parcel, which sits at the northwest intersection of Main Street and North Washington Boulevard.

Here are some of those ideas, edited for length and content:

  • “Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. A cool restaurant — not a chain.  Simple, but with lots of character like Harvey’s 4th Street Grill in St. Petersburg.” — Mark Troy

“Dave & Buster’s and a central destination restaurant option like Bobby Flay’s MESA. A well manicured hardscape. An iconic tourist destination or structure for the city, such as the tallest viewing tower, or some sort of ride or entertainment.” — Kent Hayes

  • “Some type of museum or aquarium.  It could be something that merges the Sailor Circus with the Ringling and Wallenda history. Every cool city has some type of museum or aquarium downtown. A ferris wheel!” — John Schroeder

  • “There really is no central place to congregate downtown. Tear the entire place down and build a giant playground in the middle similar to the one at Bayfront Park. Then add high-end boutiques and children’s stores surrounding it.” — Matt Gerchow
  • “I’m genuinely opposed to chain restaurants as a resident of downtown, but I love the idea of a place like Taco-Mac in that location. I like the location of the Hollywood 20, but it could easily be reduced to 10 to 12 theaters. It would be nice to have an alternate to the mini-IMAX that’s at the AMC Sarasota 12.” — Michael Henshaw

“It would be amazing to have a proper live music venue in Sarasota. This town is full of such amazing musical talent but no proper places to play live music in. I think it would be very benificial for tourism and it can awaken the downtown scene into what it was meant to be.” — Ivana Njegomir

  • Affordable condos for young entrepreneurs!” — Joey Daskalides
  • “Maas Brothers.” — Rick Garfinkel

Visit BBCMain.com to submit your ideas for the complex to the owners.

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