Jesse Biter’s story starts like many dot com stories, in the basement of his parent’s house. Jesse built a business helping car dealers market their vehicles on the Internet. In 2000 he drove both coasts of Florida and the coast of Texas looking for a warmer and more business friendly climate. He fell in love with Florida (income tax free) and eventually Sarasota (home of the best beach in the Country).

Biter is committed to Sarasota and he puts his money where his mouth is. He has invested a lot of time and money to help Sarasota create an economy that isn’t reliant on tourists and part-time residents. His philosophy is that you can make money while doing good at the same time. Biter is working towards a more vibrant downtown that supports “Young Professionals” (young and old) looking to enjoy all that Sarasota has to offer. As downtown residents, Biter, his wife and their two children enjoy living in the heart of Sarasota.

Jesse Biter - Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Biter once dreamed of running his own company. Little did he know that by the time he was 30 he’d be owning several. Jesse’s business acumen and success over the years now allows him to oversee a diverse portfolio of assets in Information Technology, Real Estate, Marketing and Transportation. He currently resides in sunny Sarasota, FL with his wife, and four gorgeous children.

In his spare time (well, Biter typically doesn’t have spare time), Jesse has had a number of adventures. In October of 2013, Jesse and some friends hiked Mt. Kilimanjaro – watch the video.

Ben Kiekel - Chief Operating Officer

Every “head in the clouds” entrepreneur needs someone to keep the ship on course; Ben joined the Biter team in summer of 2015 to do just that. As Biter’s in-house Counsel and Chief Operating Officer, Ben ensures that all Biter Enterprises companies are running safely and smoothly.

Ben is a Florida attorney and Villanova Law grad who moved to Sarasota for its great weather and budding startup culture. When he’s not busy working on a new venture or keeping Jesse in line, Ben’s probably spending time with his wife Kristen or out playing guitar.

Mary Jane Cruz - Administrative Assistant

MJ, as we call her, has been working with Biter since May 2009 and is an administrative assistant for Biter Enterprises. Around here we consider her to be the backbone of the company. She is originally from Miami and moved to Bradenton 30 years ago. MJ is married and has four beautiful daughters.

MJ enjoys coming into work before the crack of dawn, leaving the office after everyone has already come and gone, and spending time with her husband. It’s safe to say that MJ doesn’t miss a beat.