Sarasota City Commission received four bids for the Palm Avenue Parking Garage retail space and plans to enter an agreement with Biter Enterprises

More good news is on the way for Sarasota’s Palm Avenue Parking Garage.

The city will consider a $1.6 million bid by Biter Enterprises to purchase the North Palm Avenue Condiminium—the street level retail space on the parking garage.

The city just celebrated the garage’s completed murals Wednesday at a rooftop reception.

“So far we have been approached by numerous potential lessees and my wife and I are evaluating which direction we’d like to go in,” Biter President and CEO Jesse Biter of Sarasota told Patch in an e-mail. “Our goals are to ensure the space is for high-end restaurant and/or retail outlets with a proven track record.”

The contract will be presented to the commission at its Monday afternoon session at City Hall, and terms allow the city to enter in a 90-day due diligence agreement with Biter, which allows Biter to conduct surveys, studies and inspections, according to city documents.

If the sale falls through after 90 days, the city is allowed to consider the next highest bid—$1.3 million from Icorr Properties International.

The space totals 10,664 square feet and includes two units, one of them being an office space near the entrance, and storage space.

A description about the company on its website,, cannot be found and links to the company’s social media pages.

However, Biter’s LinkedIn profile says Dealers United is a key to Biter Enterprises.

Dealers United, 1233 N. GulfStream Ave., works with vendors who will identify a product that they want Dealers United to research and will “negotiate the best deal leveraging the buying power of all its members,” according to its website.

“Each dealer will then decide whether they want to participate in the deal. If the minimum number of Dealers is met, the deal is accomplished and our dealers save,” the website states.

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