It’s one of the most talked about re-developments in downtown Sarasota. The plan by three local entrepreneurs to re-do the massive 8 and a half acre Main Plaza that includes the Hollywood 20 theaters.

David Chessler, acting as spokesman for the trio that includes Jesse Biter and Eric Baird, says phase one of the three phase project includes upgrading the retail appearance along Main Street.

“Right now you walk by Main Street, you don’t even know there is a mall there, so for us opening it up and letting the public know what it is, and creating some high-end retail space would be great,” he said.

Phase two involves the Hollywood 20, which Chessler told us in the past could mean scaling it back a bit. Phase three involves a possible high-rise on the north end of the property.

The east end of Main Street has seen its share of change. World of Beer moved in, as well as the Wing House before that. Sarasota County is taking proposals for another high-profile piece of real estate on the other side of 301. The parking lot is for sale and already the county has received two proposals from developers for mixed-use or a hotel.

Chessler says he’s glad to hear about high-end development near their project.

“Development of downtown is a good thing for our project … I think that end of Main Street needs development … so high-end retail, hotels, the more attractions the better for all of us down there,” Chessler said.

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